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RVM to Participate in the 2017 NAMWOLF Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo in September


In alignment with our dual passions for education and diversity, RVM is pleased to be a sponsor and CLE presenter at the 2017 NAMWOLF Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo September 17-20, 2017 in New York City.  The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms, founded in 2001, is committed to promoting diversity in the legal profession by fostering successful relationships among preeminent minority and women owned law firms and private/public entities.  The event is full of networking opportunities and continuing legal education sessions on provocative and poignant topics that face legal professionals today.

RVM’s Manager of Education & Development, Talia Page,  will be moderating an esteemed and diverse panel of attorneys from around the country on a topic entitled OMG, There’s Evidence in My Pocket!? How the Proliferation & Accessibility of Data Affects Discovery, & What You Need to Know about the New Federal Rules on Monday September 17th from 1:45pm-2:45pm.  In this session, we will address hot topics and trends in eDiscovery using recent case law to work through some of the challenging issues litigators face in the digital age in light of the new Federal Rules.  For more information on NAMWOLF and other CLE opportunities, visit www.namwolf.org.

Corporate Counsel Magazine Recognizes RVM as a Top Provider in Litigation Services

The votes are in, results counted and RVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry, takes the top spot in six of Corporate Counsel Magazine’s “Best of Corporate Counsel” annual supplement, it announced today.  RVM was recognized as a top service provider in nine categories across its service offerings in total.

Corporate Counsel Magazine Recognizes RVM as a Top Provider in Litigation Services

RVM took first place in the following categories:

  • Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Firm,
  • Best Technology Assisted Review eDiscovery Solution,
  • Best Managed eDiscovery & Litigation Support Service Provider,
  • Best Data & Technology Management eDiscovery Provider,
  • Best Data Recovery Solution Provider,
  • Best Information Governance Solution.

It was also recognized in the areas of Expert Witness Provider, Managed Document Review Services, and End-to-End eDiscovery Provider. Voting was conducted via online ballot and was limited to those working within in-house corporate legal and compliance departments. In total, 1500 votes were cast. The results are published in Corporate Counsel’s special supplement, Best of Corporate Counsel.

“We are thrilled to be recognized in nine categories across the full range of RVM’s services. RVM is honored to have ranked first in six of those categories, and remains focused on enhancing and innovating our services,” said Vincent Brunetti, Chief Executive Officer of RVM Enterprises, Inc. “I am extremely proud that our clients, the readers of Corporate Counsel, have bestowed RVM with this honor.”

RVM Recognized Amongst The “20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers 2017” by CIO Review

RVM Recognized Amongst The “20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers 2017” by CIO Review

CIO Review Magazine released their Legal Technology special edition and have recognized RVM Enterprises, Inc. in an elite group of the 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers 2017.

RVM’s Chief Technology Officer, Geoffrey Sherman, was interviewed in honor of the recognition and spoke about RVM, our products, and the eDiscovery landscape. As CTO, Geoffrey is committed to innovating the architecture, security, progression and maintenance of RVM’s corporate infrastructure. He leads a team of engineers and support administrators that serve RVM’s staff and clients.

“The eDiscovery ecosystem is transforming like never before. Technology-enabled eDiscovery solutions and tools are simplifying litigation processes and minimizing errors. However, with the profliferation of data, organizations are struggling to identify, collect and manage electronically stored information, impeding their ability to make informed decisions,” says Geoffrey Sherman.

Read more here.

RVM is proud to be recognized for our services and is committed to excellence for our customers.



RVM Announces Enterprise Release of the RVM Tracer


RVM Tracer LogoRVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry, today announced the launch of the Enterprise Edition of their signature product, RVM TracerTM. The Tracer is an early assessment solution used to quickly view any suspicious activity on a user’s computer. The RVM TracerTM doesn’t replace a full forensic investigation; but is an easy to use, cost effective first look at determining if there are red flags in a user’s history that would spark a full forensic investigation.

Since its introduction last year, the existing offering of TracerTM now being called Tracer Standard Edition has been used by clients worldwide to triage a user’s computer and determine whether there’s been any potential corporate intellectual property theft.

Based on the success of Tracer, large organizations have requested more control over the tool to generate reports immediately, retain all investigatory information locally, centralize collection information, and to provide a licensing model for enterprise use. As a result, RVM has simplified the challenges that large organizations face by allowing them the ability to manage investigations behind their firewall. RVM TracerTM Enterprise Edition provides enterprise reporting, collection device management, and introducing subscription based licensing.

“The release of the Enterprise Edition of RVM TracerTM will allow clients to have more control over their Tracer implementations. Clients will be able to quickly deploy Tracer and receive reports without any information ever leaving their organization,” said Greg Cancilla, RVM’s Director of Forensics and New York Law Journal’s four-time “Best Individual Expert Witness.”

The RVM TracerTM Enterprise and Standard Edition offerings is part of RVM’s commitment to bring innovative products and services to our clients in a continuous effort to better assist their business needs and interests.

In June 2016, RVM was awarded first place as the Best End-to-End eDiscovery Provider and Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Provider in the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel. In 2015, RVM was named Best End-to-End eDiscovery Provider by both the New York and New Jersey Law Journals

eDiscovery Technology Training for the Diverse Adult Learner

eDiscovery Technology Training for the Diverse Adult Learner

Being born in 1980, I’ve struggled with a bit of generational identity crisis. Growing up, I longed to be part of the Generation X that represented all of my tall-haired, effortlessly cool celebrity icons of the 80s. Alas, my year of birth fell right on the fence between Generation X’s punk rock cool and the technologically-obsessed, mistaken-as-entitled Millennials.

In the workplace, as Manager of Education and Development for RVM, I still find myself riding that line, at times struggling to reach and influence such a diverse community of clients and coworkers in my training programs. Depending on who you’re talking to, technology is seen as an exciting advantage over past methodologies or an intimidating but necessary evil. Especially in the realm of litigation support. Sometimes, a person’s take on technology is influenced by their generation and habits they’ve developed throughout their lives. However, the unavoidable truth is if you want to stay competent and competitive in litigation support, you’ve got to understand the applicable technology.

Best Practice

Full disclosure, I’ve studied Andragogy, which is the method and practice of teaching adults. What I’ve found to be most applicable to the challenge of training attorneys and litigation support staff in eDiscovery technology is the concept of Self-Directed Learning (SDL). To successfully incorporate SDL, an eDiscovery training program must:

  1. Meet the trainees where they are, respecting the extensive breadth of knowledge that each trainee brings to the table
  2. Include sufficient resources and support following training and
  3. Include an opportunity for trainees to evaluate and provide feedback on the training program.

Lawyers, Paralegals, and legal support staff are generally highly educated, hard-working, and successful individuals who have already established traditional ways of doing things such as legal research from books (gasp!) or paper document review (double gasp!!) which worked well for them in the past. There’s no doubt that technology has changed the legal industry, and continues to do so.

eDiscovery Technology Training for the Diverse Adult Learner

The Plan in Action

One way I gauge the temperature of my training audience is to send an information gathering survey in advance asking what they want to get out of the session, and what they absolutely don’t want to cover. This way, I can customize the content and not waste their valuable time covering topics they don’t need. For support and resources, we at RVM pride ourselves on the skill and responsiveness of our Client Services department, making ourselves available by phone and email to answer follow-up questions or provide troubleshooting on any of the applications we support. This helps minimize the frustration that typically comes with learning a new technology.

Finally, the most humbling component of this process, and arguably the most important is the evaluation process. I seek honest critical feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and what the trainees would like to change for future training programs. This gives my trainees an opportunity to contribute to future training success by sharing their feedback, perspectives, and experiences.

One Last Thing

eDiscovery technology is not going away, and in fact it is becoming more sophisticated. Legal professionals are staying in the workforce longer and as younger generations enter the industry, they strive to become contributing members of the team. Which means it becomes imperative that continuing education and training programs adapt to meet the needs of our varied and diverse adult workforce. In my opinion, there is no magical formula for successful eDiscovery training, but if I can at least convince my training resistant colleagues that it is a challenge worth tackling, I have won half the battle. I’d like to leave you with a quote from the education scholar, Deborah Meier “Teaching is listening. Learning is talking”.

RVM Offers Affordable Way To Simplify The Discovery Process: Eclipse

We’re proud to announce that RVM Enterprises, Inc. now offers Eclipse, the web-based review component on Ipro’s integrated workflow platform called Automated Digital Discovery (ADD). RVM will be employing Eclipse’s analytics capabilities, including Technology Assisted Review and ADD workers, for fully automated processing. By using the applications within the ADD platform, data can be automatically copied, processed, filtered and loaded into Eclipse to be reviewed quickly; providing fully interactive Early Case Assessment capability.RVM Eclipse

“By utilizing components of Ipro’s ADD platform with Eclipse, we can offer clients a more affordable way to process, track, review and produce evidence,” said Geoffrey Sherman, Chief Technology Officer of RVM.

“We are honored to be a part of the long-term growth strategy at RVM,” said Geoff Schmidt, Ipro’s Regional Vice President. “By leveraging the ADD platform, RVM will be able to simplify the discovery process while passing along savings to their customers.”

With our long history of serving a diverse clientele with expansive global operations and eDiscovery demands, RVM remains dedicated to innovation and addressing the ever-changing business models in today’s legal and corporate environments.

RVM Expands Corporate Headquarters to Jersey City, NJ

RVM Enterprises, Inc., has announced plans to expand its corporate headquarters from 40 Rector Street in New York City to Jersey City, NJ in the spring of 2017.RVM Enterprises is relocating corporate headquarters to Newport Center

The opening of the Jersey City office in the Newport Tower at 525 Washington Blvd in Jersey City’s Waterfront section signals another milestone in our company’s growth. The Waterfront section of Jersey City, less than five miles from RVM’s current location, has become a natural extension of Manhattan’s business community and the home of many corporate headquarters in the region.

While RVM corporate functions will be centered in Jersey City, the company will maintain its New York presence including a state-of-the-art Managed Document Review Center.

Expansion is not new to RVM.  Earlier this year, RVM opened its London office and in 2015, RVM expanded its Managed Review Center in Cleveland. With its long history of serving a diverse corporate clientele with expansive global operations and eDiscovery demands, RVM remains dedicated to innovation to address the ever-changing business models in today’s legal and corporate environments.

“RVM’s growth is a continuing testament to our commitment to customer service, innovative solutions, and client satisfaction. We look forward to our expansion to New Jersey and the opportunity it gives us to broaden our outreach to the legal community.” said Vinnie Brunetti, CEO of RVM Enterprises, Inc.

NAMWOLF – Small Firms and the Reality of eDiscovery

NAMWOLF – Small Firms and the Reality of eDiscovery

National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), the friendliest conference I’ve ever been to.

Perhaps the diverse makeup of attendees makes it easy for people to share. NAMWOLF had everything:

  • CLE presentations ranging from Insurance to Analytics and Big Data;
  • Networking amongst giants and dinosaurs at the Houston Museum of Natural Science;
  • Cupcakes and Cocktails;
  • Hill Harper discussing the connection between one-on-one hoops with Obama and debating prison reform in the oval office just days ago;

NAMWOLF, simply put, was an amazing conference. The great part about NAMWOLF was meeting the women and minority owned law firms representing a variety of practice areas, all making names for themselves.



The Misconception

Equally interesting was that upon mentioning my focus is eDiscovery, the most common response was a deflated “Oh, we don’t do eDiscovery.” My stock response to this is, “do your clients or adversaries have computers?” If they do and that data is implicated in a litigation or investigation, then in fact you do, DO eDiscovery because someone would need to:

  1. Retrieve those emails;
  2. Review them and maybe produce them;

These two steps are a big part of what eDiscovery is about. If you’ve ever sent or received a Request for Production that mentions electronically stored information (ESI), then you do eDiscovery.

It strikes me that minority and women-owned law firms don’t “do eDiscovery” because of a belief that they lack the resources to take on matters involving electronically stored information. By not taking on eDiscovery, smaller firms unnecessarily limit the size and scope of matters they could retain, and in turn, limit the revenue they could generate. Some smaller firms are operating under the assumption that eDiscovery is for big firms with technology departments. In my estimation, eDiscovery is actually more important for smaller firms, especially those with limited technical resources and personnel.

Take for instance document review in an investigation or litigation where 1,000,000 documents need to be reviewed before discovery closes, may have once been impossible for a small firm. Larger firms contain armies of young junior associates they’ll throw at the problem and then bill the client for hundreds of hours of review time. Small firms don’t have to shy away from these matters, regardless of the firm’s or client’s resources. New eDiscovery tools, particularly those leveraging analytics, help identify patterns in large data sets that wouldn’t be apparent otherwise. This helps identify the important evidence quickly, and in many cases, identify large quantities of data that bear no relevance to issues in the case and are not worth reviewing. Many large firms aren’t leveraging these tools and would rather spend hundreds of unnecessary hours billing to review irrelevant data. In this scenario, the small firm gains a competitive advantage.

2 men and a woman collaborate around a table

Partnering Opens Doors to Opportunity

Understandably, eDiscovery brings up concerns about budget, data management and overburdening your IT department resources. However, doing eDiscovery doesn’t mean that you do it alone. A key aspect of eDiscovery is partnership with an end to end eDiscovery provider such as RVM. This can be especially true for small law firms who once thought certain litigations and investigations were out of their reach.

Firms of all sizes in partnership with a top tier eDiscovery provider can find their technical and practical abilities to support increasingly complex and sizable matters grow beyond what they once thought to be attainable. Turn loose your legal expertise and rely on proven technical solutions and capabilities to lead you to ultimate success.

RVM Takes First Place as Best Information Governance Solutions Provider

nylj-rvm-winner-logosThe New York Law Journal has announced that RVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry, has been recognized as a top service provider in three categories across its service offerings.

RVM took first place in the 2016 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings as the Best Information Governance Solutions Provider. Additionally, Greg Cancilla, Director of Forensics at RVM Enterprises, Inc., took top honors again as Best Expert Witness in Technology for the fourth year in a row. RVM was selected through votes cast by thousands of legal professionals who read the New York Law Journal.

Vinnie Brunetti, Chief Executive Officer of RVM Enterprises, Inc., said “We are honored the readers of the New York Law Journal have recognized RVM as a top service provider. We are also extremely proud of Greg and his achievement. This is a testament to our commitment to client service, excellence and innovation.”

RVM’s prowess has been recognized by many organizations. In June 2016, the company took first place as the Best End-to-End eDiscovery Provider and Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Provider in the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel.