eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Services

RVM has been a leader in eDiscovery for twenty years. RVM was one of the first to be awarded kCura’s Relativity Rating of Best-in-Service, and has achieved Orange-Level Certification. RVM is also the only company to achieve Equivio Partner STAR certification. Its experts provide a broad range of eDiscovery services including:

Forensics and Data Collection: RVM Certified Forensic Engineers can help your company walk through each step of forensic data collection from the initial consultation to providing expert witness testimony regarding the integrity of the collection process. RVM offers the following Forensic and Data Collection services:

  • Data Collections
  • Forensic Examinations
  • Quality and Cost Control
  • RVM TracerTM
  • Expert Testimony

Data Processing and Hosting: RVM has the capability to process and host the largest, most complex collections of electronic legal evidence. RVM provides unparalleled data processing services using its portfolio of eDiscovery products combined with deep technical knowledge. Beyond technical expertise, RVM continues to maintain interoperability among the various platforms offered as one size or specific platform may not fit all needs on a given matter.

  • Data Processing
  • Data Hosting

Advanced Data Analytics: RVM’s eDiscovery strategic consulting and expertise on the design and implementation of analytics technologies is geared toward defensibility and cost-savings.

  • RVM Structured ReviewTM (RSR) leverages advanced analytics, such as predictive coding, concept-based categorization and search to fill the gaps in current discovery practices.
  • Fact Discovery FirstTM is designed as a low-cost, deep knowledge triage to help you get to the information you need quickly.

Managed Document Review: RVM’s Managed Review and Analytics experts work together as a team of trusted advisors who will craft a customized solution to help you get to the most important data more quickly. RVM provides the guidance and training appropriate for your specific needs using our tried and true workflow models based on reliable, repeatable and defensible industry best-practices, along with your know-how about the specific matter at hand. No stone goes unturned as we ensure that appropriate and efficient methodologies are applied. RVM has experience with litigation, transactional matters, internal fact-finding investigations as well as governmental inquiries and investigations.


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