Data Processing and Hosting

Data Processing and Hosting

RVM has the capability to process and host the largest, most complex collections of electronic legal evidence. RVM provides unparalleled data processing services using its portfolio of eDiscovery products combined with deep technical knowledge. Building on this technical knowledge, are certifications across a variety of platforms. RVM believes that certification is a necessity to validate competence within the products offered. Beyond technical expertise, RVM continues to maintain interoperability among the various platforms offered as one size or specific platform may not fit all needs on a given matter.

Data Processing: RVM continues to expand its data processing offerings, staying ahead of the curve by supporting more diverse data sources, larger volumes, and a wider range of client demands. RVM differentiates its data processing in several key ways:

  • Media Intake and Automated Decryption
  • Rapid Discovery
  • Culling and Filtering
  • Data Warehouse, Reporting, and the RVM Dashboard™
  • Unique Workflows

Data Hosting: RVM’s Data Hosting offerings allow for feature rich, secure, and efficient review. RVM has standardized on Eclipse and Relativity for its online hosted options. Depending on the nature of the matter, RVM’s Client Services Team can advise on which tool will best fit the objectives. Some of the key areas where RVM differentiates its offerings are:

  • Awards
  • Product Expertise
  • Customization
  • Transparency

RVM also provides services for the scanning and production of paper documents as well as the processing and review of microfiche and microfilm. In addition to providing these services in their offices, RVM’s team of professionals can immediately deploy dedicated on-site scanning teams for fragile materials or information that must remain on-site. RVM provides equipment and trained personnel for all on-site projects.

At all times RVM treats its client data and paper documents with care and the utmost level of confidentiality.

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