Forensics and Data Collection

Forensics and Data Collection

Speed and accuracy in data retrieval are paramount in any given matter in modern discovery, and self-collecting data without proper expert advice can lead to many pitfalls. RVM Certified Forensic Engineers can help your company walk through each step of forensic data collection from the initial consultation to providing expert witness testimony regarding the integrity of the collection process.

RVM offers the following Forensic and Data Collection services:

  • Data Collections: No matter the size or complexity of your project, RVM experts are trained to maintain chain of custody, preserve evidence and follow the most up-to-date industry-standard protocols. RVM will ensure you deliver what is needed during the discovery process in a defensible manner with the least possible amount of disruption to business operations.
  • Forensic Examinations: RVM uses proven software applications and methodologies to design concrete and defensible plans, and retrieve information that is hidden, deleted or stored on damaged media.
  • Quality and Cost Control: RVM experts work with its clients to devise defensible and cost-effective strategies while applying first-class processes. No matter your geographic location, RVM experts will advise on the best methods for collection, including remote collection of data to minimize travel expenses.
  • The RVM Tracer™: RVM has developed a new product, the RVM Tracer, to address the issue of potential corporate IP theft without the burden of a full forensic analysis. The RVM Tracer offers a low cost solution to determine whether company documents have left with an employee. RVM offers RVM Tracer capabilities before undertaking a full investigation.
  • Expert Testimony: Should your project be subject to the scrutiny of the courts, you can proceed confidently with RVM’s experts on your side.

RVM is one of the few eDiscovery service providers that can include more than 158 models of MAC devices to their remote collection expertise. RVM is uniquely equipped to handle projects around the globe, offering full service forensic labs in New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles.

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