2020 Legalweek New York Takeaway: Let’s Talk Mobile Data Collection

by Dean Felicetti

Post Super Bowl LIV cheers and jeers, the eDiscovery arena had its biggest gathering once again in New York City. Legalweek brought together legal and technology practitioners and specialists for an in-depth dive through exhibits, workshops, breakout sessions, and face to face meetings. It was the must-attend event for exploring trends, technology and the talent drivers impacting the industry.

The focus on the need for defensible forensic collections and processing of mobile devices were sprinkled throughout this year’s conference; understandably, as mobile devices now play a pivotal role as the main data source for relevant data. It is clear, without diminishing the importance of AI, CCPA and blockchain technologies, that defensible forensic collections is still the priority in the EDRM life-cycle. Not only identifying data sources and accessibility, but the defensible collection of relevant data.

Since the inception of Legalweek in 1982, legality and technology have changed quite a bit. However, what remains constant is the expertise needed to decipher it all. RVM has been providing forensic consulting for data collection from mobile devices since 2003. Through our innovation, ConTXT – RVM’s Mobile Review Solution, we are able to take data collected from any mobile devices including cell phones and tablets and present it to Relativity where it can be reviewed quickly and logically. ConTXT continues to be the industry’s most successful solution for reviewing SMS, MMS, iMessage, and social media messengers from forensically imaged mobile phones and tablets. Legalweek attendees were all the buzz to hear that we have put an end to reviewing in spreadsheets and PDFs (a common practice with cell phone data) and that you can review text messages as chat bubbles with in-line images and name normalization of random phone numbers.

As I welcome my 24th year of Legaltech –Legalweek, the more things change the more they stay the same, the need for defensibly collecting and producing data from every changing technology sources remain the top priority in the eDiscovery end-to-end process and we’ve got it covered.

Joining The Oliver Group as a partner in 2001 and coming to RVM as their Senior Vice President of Information Governance through the 2017 acquisition, Dean Felicetti has added significantly to the company’s eDiscovery expertise, particularly in the area of information governance, backup tape cataloging and restoration. With more than two decades of eDiscovery technology and business development experience, Dean has been integral in establishing RVM as a global market leader.