A Shout Out To Women Succeeding in eDiscovery

I have the extraordinary pleasure of working for one of only a handful of women-owned eDiscovery companies. Considering the underrepresentation of women in the legal community, and the gross underrepresentation of women in the technology field, it’s a wonder that any of us are representing at the intersection of both fields.

I shout out to some of my personal favorite women in the industry, many that paved the way for us, like Judy Selby, an absolute firecracker, and eDiscovery pioneer who founded the eDiscovery Practice at Baker Hostetler. She now leads their Information Governance Practice. To the brilliant Karin Jenson, who commands a crowd, not just because she’s tall and beautiful, but because she is savvy and experienced, and not afraid to put her voice in the room. For Margaret Havinga, Lana Schell and Shawnna Childress for founding Women in Ediscovery. For some of my local eDiscovery ladies, like the fabulous and always poised, Zeldo Owens, the charming and steadfast Nikki McCallum, and the talented and hard-working Maribel Rivera. For Maura Grossman, Amy Hinzmann, Maureen O’Neill, Caragh Landry, Amie Taal, Laura Kibbe, Tara Emory, and the countless others who are getting it done, and winning in eDiscovery—if you don’t know any of them, look them up…now. Thank you all for continuing to be a tremendous inspiration.

We are making tremendous strides along paths once traversed only by men. Now we are blazing the next trail: ownership. Before joining the RVM team led by owner Cheryl Brunetti, I had no idea there were any woman-owned eDiscovery shops. I’m pleasantly surprised to know that there are a few. Very shortly after I took on building a Managed Review practice at RVM, I was even more surprised to learn that not only is the company woman-owned, but it’s also woman-operated. Cheryl Brunetti, RVM’s Executive Chairwoman, successfully manages the business of the company and has led RVM to a recent win as the Best End-to-End eDiscovery Service Provider.

When I first started out in eDiscovery, it was a man’s game. Not so anymore. Now that some women are dominating as thought-leaders, valuable contributors and successful owners, it should empower us all to obliterate limits, self-imposed and otherwise.