Are you guilty of IP data theft?

if theft with light bulbYou finished drafting this confidential document and want to take it home to review it one more time with a fresher pair of eyes. You copy the document onto your personal thumb drive, and carry it in your pocket. The thumb drive’s journey might end up at home, plugged into your personal computer, or it might fall off your pocket and get lost. No matter its destination, the confidential document isn’t safe anymore as soon as it is copied onto that thumb drive.

You might believe that you’re entitled to copying confidential work product if you’re working on it. You might not have been informed of what’s truly yours and what’s not. You might not think you did any harm to your company.

The truth is, you have probably committed IP data theft.

Companies employ highly sophisticated tactics to decrease the occurrence of outside data breaches by developing infrastructures and processes such as building firewalls, encrypting data or using antivirus software. But inside the company, data is pretty much free for the taking. Every employee has access to confidential material at least once in their career. Complex layers of protection can quickly be rendered ineffective if the individuals inside the organization keep releasing information by doing something as simple as emailing confidential company data to their personal email address.

Data security begins and ends with the individual. For many companies, inadvertent exposure is paramount to actual attacks. Every company hopes to have properly educated its employees about security awareness policies and protocols, which will hold individuals responsible if they leave the company with confidential data that isn’t theirs.

Copying data to a thumb drive, the cloud, an email, or any other means, puts the company at risk.

The RVM Tracer™ was created for the purpose of quickly identifying whether an employee has been taking confidential company data, and has therefore breached the organization’s security protocols. The RVM Tracer gives organizations the opportunity to safely and quickly audit their employees’ computers and give them peace of mind.

Protect your data to protect your business.