Segregating Personal and Sensitive Data in Mobile Review with RVM’s ConTXT: Addressing The Most Frequency Asked Question

by Geoffrey M. Sherman

How will your personal and potentially sensitive information be separated from what is relevant for legal review? It’s the most frequently asked question when collecting data from mobile devices for review. The topic of data privacy for personal and highly sensitive data creates a lot of anxiety for our clients, as such we want to ease these concerns with solutions and workflows developed.

While corporations, agencies, and outside counsel are legally obligated to collect pertinent company data from employees’ mobile devices, it is equally important to not include and expose employees’ personal data. We remedy this concern with our latest innovation –ConTXTTM, RVM’s Mobile Review Solution.

Through advanced filtering capabilities within ConTXTTM  clients are able to broadly eliminate or mask personal and sensitive data. This can be achieved by the following:

  • Using charts and graphical filters to visually isolate large corpuses of data which contains personal correspondents.
  • Filtering by and labeling specific correspondents using our “Parties” Tab to narrow down the correspondents in scope and help to eliminate those which are not.
  • Using the “Parties” Tab to label specific phone numbers and screen names as “Personal” so that their true names are logically suppressed while reviewing.
  • Leveraging our image review and filtering tool SnapshotTM to allow for easy identification and suppression of personal pictures and their corresponding conversations.
  • Applying pattern matching techniques such as regular expressions for specific patterns of PII.

These inclusive and exclusive filtration techniques help to eliminate client privacy concerns.

Naturally, let’s not forget about the additional benefits of eliminating personal data from review to time and cost effectiveness. No one wants to spend more time and money reviewing irrelevant data.

About ConTXTTM

ConTXTTM is the latest addition to RVM’s line of solutions which works both with and without the use of Relativity for Review. Through ConTXTTM RVM is able to take data collected from any mobile device, including cell phones and tablets, using industry leading forensics software and present it to Relativity and other Review Platforms where it can be reviewed quickly and logically. With ConTXTTM clients can put an end to reviewing in spreadsheets and pdf files — a common practice with cell phone data. The process has been transformed to take on the elegance and simplicity they expect in a modern age of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics

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