Digital Forensics

The sources of data that digital forensics can track are all around us and multiplying

Speed and Experience

In matters involving digital forensics collections, speed and the ability to collect from a wide array of media are the key qualities in the highest demand.

Fortunately for RVM, we excel at both.

Our certified forensic engineers are experienced at finding relevant sources of electronically stored information (ESI). Then, utilizing a variety of tools we respond to client needs quickly, anywhere in the world.

After a collection has been performed, RVM goes farther.  We are skilled at providing testimony regarding our forensics collection methods, and our clients frequently called upon us to testify. As a result the client benefits from knowing that their results are both accurate and defensible.

digital forensics

RVM is Skilled at Collecting From:

Computer Hard Drives
Computer Hard Drives
mobile phones and tablets
Cloud Servers
digital forensics

Remote Collection Capabilities

RVM uses its own proprietary kits to perform collections remotely. These kits give our clients the convenience of quickly and easily beginning the collection process under RVM supervision in any location or in multiple locations at once. Once the kit has been used, the client sends it back to RVM to defensibly extract the data. At that point, we will either provide the data to the client or send it for further processing and hosting.

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