Good News for our Veterans


RVM is always happy to learn about people like Rita Greenberg.  Mrs. Greenberg has made a great commitment by heRitaaaar devotion to help the heroes of our nation. Rita Greenberg Memorial Fund has been established to help The Heroes to Heroes Foundation which supports our troops. The Rita Greenberg Memorial Fund will pay for the cost of a round-trip flight to Israel for one veteran per year for the Heroes to Heroes program in an attempt to make them “whole” again.

Rita Greenberg struggled for most of her life, both economically as well as with her health. Her strong spirit and compassion supported her desire to help those that struggled as she did. It is in her spirit that a fund has been created to help those veterans struggling to conquer their “demons” and to mainstream into a “normal” life. People like Rita Greenberg are a great asset of this country. It will be a lasting legacy to her memory if this fund helped one human being achieve peace and normalcy in their lives.

RVM appreciates Ms. Greenberg’s efforts and all those who support and devote themselves for the betterment of our veterans. RVM proudly supports The Heroes to Heroes Foundation. To learn more about Heroes to Heroes you can visit their website at