“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

How We Innovate

Through its drive to develop robust solutions for its clients, RVM has created a line of solutions for use in Relativity. While each has its on specific purpose and niche, they have been designed to function together, maximizing the benefit of each.

ConTXT is the latest addition to RVM’s line of Relativity-based solutions.

Through ConTXT RVM is able to take data collected from any mobile device, including cell phones and tablets, using industry leading forensics software and present it to Relativity where it can be reviewed quickly and logically.

With ConTXT clients can put an end to reviewing in spreadsheets and pdf files — a common practice with cell phone data. The process has been transformed to take on the elegance and simplicity they expect from a robust review platform, replete with the typical features such as sorting, filtering, and searching.

Driven by our commitment to review efficiency, RVM has developed a more effectual way to view, sort, and make determinations on image files (e.g., pictures, signature files, and GIFs) without the time investment of traditional review.

RVM has created an application in Relativity, Snapshot, that segregates images, de-duplicates them, and displays them as thumbnail-sized renderings of the images in a Relativity document list view. Users can now review all their photos in a list and apply tagging consistently to the photos throughout a review population without reviewing the images iteratively. Snapshot makes photo review efficient and consistent, and it gives the user an experience that is more natural – like scrolling through pictures on a cell phone.

In October 2018 Snapshot was selected as a finalist for the Innovation Awards at Relativity Fest.

Matterhorn is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency while lowering the cost of document review by identifying overlap between duplicative documents across clients’ matters. It is also able to improve consistency between reviews by comparing coding decisions and suggesting documents and document families that are relevant to the user’s goals — in most cases reuse of previous coding for Privilege and other case agnostic data sensitivity tagging.

Transparency is the name of the game. The RVM Dashboard™ comprises a host of solutions tailored to meet the needs of the corporate buyer.

Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of data volumes and culling rates, and gives detailed breakdowns of file extensions. It also has the ability to drill down deeper to explore a number of other dimensions, e.g., export history, gap, frequency and domain reports, and reviewer statistics. Everything you want to know about your matter is accessible in real time, 24/7 via a user-friendly web-based platform. The reports can also download to your desktop as Excel spreadsheets.

Dashboard provides the metrics and trend analyses you require to keep your management and team informed.

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