Litigation and Investigation

Helping companies through litigation has become our bread and butter

For most companies litigation is a fact of business

RVM has three goals for litigation or investigation: be prepared; respond in a timely manner; and defend our practices.

Despite every effort to avoid litigation and investigation, for many companies they are a fact of doing business. When it comes to legal issues, RVM has three goals: be prepared; respond in a timely manner; and defend our practices.

litigation and investigationWhat we Do

In RVM’s more than 20 years providing eDiscovery and litigation services, we’ve been involved in numerous court cases and investigations. One of the most important ways we help our clients is by performing litigation readiness audits. The first step in this process is to examine the client’s response plan. This plan is a road map that helps the company respond to legal holds and produce documents in a timely and defensible fashion. Then, we leverage our in-house experts to execute the plan. In some cases we may want to use analytics tools and our own workflows to perform early case assessments. We perform all these steps to ensure that the client feels confident about their plan and ability to implement it.

Once a litigation or investigation is initiated, we provide the full range of services. Although discovery is often the most challenging part of litigation, our forensics experts simplify the process. And, we use advanced analytics to determine what documents are most needed for review and quickly eliminate those that aren’t, saving the client time and cost.

If the case goes to trial, RVM can continue as a guide by acting as eDiscovery liaison and testifying where needed.

Our Litigation and Investigation Services