Media Services

Older data is still discoverable; that’s why we offer media services for everything

Older Media is Important Media

Though people are quick to think of searching high-tech and digital sources of information for discovery, lower tech media can be some of the most complex to work with.

Unfortunately, most eDiscovery firms simply can’t offer service for all media. Each requires specific hardware and software, and each has drawbacks and limitations that hinder a collection or production.

But RVM is different. Over its long history, RVM had the wisdom and foresight to never lose their grasp on media services while pursuing ways to work with newer data.

RVM also recommends that clients review their data retention policies, particularly when working with older data. For companies that have older data retention plans, or no plan at all, RVM can use its information governance experience to develop one.

Backup Tapes

For decades, backup tapes have been the workhorse of data management. Because of their ability to hold more data more reliably than other removable media, tapes have been relied upon by companies of all sizes

Tapes, though valuable, still have weaknesses. Like most things, they degrade over time. And, while they can hold a lot of data, cloud storage has become the new leader in terms of volume. But the trickiest part of tapes is that different formats can be unique. And, each format requires different hardware and software combinations to access and collect from them.

To address these issues, RVM can perform a variety of services, depending on the client’s needs.

media services


In some cases, a client may not know what is even on their tapes. For those clients, RVM offers cataloging services. Through this process, RVM assigns a Media ID number to each tape and establishes basic information. This information may include when the backup was created, what drive or database was backed up, and what type of backup was utilized. If more information is needed, RVM can structure a cataloging report to meet any needs.


Inaccessible files resulting from damage or corruption can be a major problem. But we can restore the tapes.

In a dust-free clean room RVM’s technicians dismount the tape/tape drives, clean them, and image them. They use specialized hardware and software applications to work around physical damage to the media or file corruption. With one of the largest libraries of hardware and software backup tape systems, we can work with any format.


Moving to a new system is a large undertaking that involves considerable infrastructure and workflow issues to be resolved. But RVM’s decommissioning services can make your transition smooth. Our technicians can then work with you to re-purpose legacy hardware that can be used and replace everything else. We can help you choose a new backup system, such as a hosted environment, and then safely migrate your data to the new system.

Printing, Scanning, and Microfilm

Paper, microfiche, and microfilm, while not common today, still contain vital information. However, because they are less secure than newer technology, they require special steps to produce and review them safely.

Fortunately, from its roots in printing and scanning, RVM has gained the equipment and expertise needed to capture the data.

The chain of custody procedures begin as soon as RVM receives these documents. This typically happens in our office. Once we receive the documents we will scan them and prepare them for review. In some cases, the materials are too fragile or sensitive to send. In such cases, RVM will send a team to perform the scanning on site.