New RVM Innovation to Be Presented at Relativity Fest

For the second consecutive year, RVM has submitted a solution for the Relativity Innovation Awards, the winners of which will be announced at Relativity Fest, an annual eDiscovery conference being held September 30 – October 3. The submission is a tool called Snapshot™, which is a breakthrough for the review platform in its simplicity and ability to reduce the time needed to cull and review image files.

Innovation AwardsSnapshot™ uses RVM-developed rendering technology to display a thumbnail view of each image on the document listing within the Relativity platform. Leveraging Snapshot™, reviewers can easily identify and label images as relevant or non-relevant without opening them in the native viewer. Complementing Snapshot™ is a thumbnail summary tab, which groups duplicative images using their digital fingerprint (hash value), allowing them to be coded together. The benefit of these innovations is a significant reduction in the time needed to perform the search.

Chief Technology Officer Geoffrey Sherman noted: “Like a lot of RVM’s innovations, Snapshot™ was borne from a real world client challenge. The resulting solutions will benefit our client base and push us one more step above our competitors.”

RVM has a history of showing unique solutions at Relativity Fest. In 2017, RVM debuted its coding reuse tool called Matterhorn™, which has since become an invaluable asset for the company and its clients.

Snapshot™ has been submitted for the Best Innovation: Solution Provider at the Innovation Awards, with the winner decided by panel of eDiscovery expert judges. Relativity users can also directly support Snapshot™ by voting for it as the Best Innovation: Community Choice.