RVM Releases Game-Changing Mobile Device Processing and Review Solution

RVM Enterprises, Inc. announced the official launch of its breakthrough mobile processing and review solution, named ConTXT™. This cost-effective tool organizes data collected from any mobile device or tablet to eliminate the shortfalls and inefficiencies found in most current mobile data review workflows.

ConTXT is one of several Relativity-based solutions that were created by RVM developers, which presents mobile messages (e.g., SMS, MMS, iMessage) into Relativity where they can be logically reviewed. Once there, users can take advantage of functions such as graphical culling, search, filtering, and name normalization. The solution also works when collecting the newer chat formats such as WhatsAPP, Slack, and WeChat.

“ConTXT is a game changer for RVM,” said Geoffrey Sherman, RVM Chief Technology Officer. “Our clients have been looking for a more meaningful and efficient method of reviewing the numerous types of communication on mobile devices, and the early feedback on this solution has been outstanding.”

Mobile device data collections are rapidly becoming one of the most significant sources of electronic information as texts and chats begin to supplant emails as the preferred method for business communications. Today more than 80 percent of people use texting for business, and more than 15 percent report that over half their texts are for business purposes. However, while collecting the information is fairly standardized, producing the data to be able to sort and search it has been more challenging.

Until recently, the data that was extracted from cell phones could be difficult to interpret. It would be displayed in an Excel spreadsheet or static PDF document where various messaging standards that can make up a single mobile thread are separated from each other. Another problem is that one contact could appear under multiple names within the same report, showing up, for example, as “Dad,” “Michael,” and “Mike.” ConTXT improves the process by normalizing correspondent names and metadata across platforms, so that the messages can be displayed chronologically or based on specific conversation participant(s). In addition you have the ability to review mobile content under the same interface as emails and other documents.

Added Gregory Cancilla, RVM Director of Forensics: “We are very proud of what we have achieved in ConTXT. It benefits from RVM’s 20-plus years of experience in providing forensic eDiscovery services defensibly and efficiently, and it will serve our clients very well.”

ConTXT can be used in conjunction with RVM’s other solutions, including Snapshot™, a finalist for the 2018 Relativity Innovation Awards that improves searches of image files in Relativity. Those interested in learning more about these innovations or requesting a free demonstration are encouraged to visit RVM’s website.

About RVM Enterprises

RVM has been the preferred provider of eDiscovery and consulting services to leading global corporations and Am Law 100 firms for more than 20 years. It provides a broad range of services including: consulting services to address company-wide information governance, internal investigations and litigation readiness; advanced data analytics; managed document review; forensic data collection; data processing and hosting; as well as corporate enterprise solutions. Its eDiscovery strategic consulting and expertise on the design and implementation of analytics technologies is geared toward defensibility and cost savings.

RVM is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ and operates offices in Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, and London. With a long history of serving a diverse corporate clientele, RVM has the distinction of being named to the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll by achieving this distinction for five consecutive years. RVM has also been frequently recognized by the New York Law Journal and New Jersey Law Journal in their annual “Best of” collections. Learn more about RVM at https://www.rvminc.com.