To be the best requires the best tools

Our philosophy on platforms and technology

Everyone knows that no single tool can do every job. In eDiscovery there are multiple platforms and solutions available for each task, and each one has its own set of skills. Rather than simply learning one program, RVM ensures that its engineers are familiar — and in many cases certified — in multiple tools. Below are the most frequently used programs and platforms we use.


In 2018 RVM joined the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery program. The two companies have used that opportunity to deepen their relationship to better serve their customers and clients.


RVM uses Brainspace for conceptual searching, active learning through Continuous Multi-Modal Learning, and communication analysis, giving clients speed to insight, and saving review hours.


RVM was one of the first partners to implement a Relativity environment more than 10 years ago. Since then, RVM has continually improved its offerings and even developed its own solutions .


The Mindseye platform supports and performs a host of eDiscovery functions, including production, processing, analytics, and review.


The Nuix software platform is used for indexing, searching, analyzing and extracting knowledge from unstructured data.