RVM Goes Ping!

RVM loves a good cause and we couldn’t pass up on this one! So all we can say is that RVM is ready to go Ping!

This year RVM is excited to be a part of Ping!, a benefit ping-pong party for Per Scholas. All proceeds from the event will go to their Women in Tech program. Per Scholas is committed to gender equality in the classroom by 2016 and their efforts will help nearly 1000 women graduate and enter careers in technology.

This year’s Ping! event will be held on October 16th from 7pm-9pm at SPiN NYC. SPiN New York is a table tennis social club located at 48 East 23rd Street NYC.

RVM will be having a competition to see who will represent us at the big event.

If you work for RVM, register here for the big competition. If you don’t work for RVM you can still come to SPiN to cheer us on! Click here to buy tickets.