RVM Unveils the RVM Dashboard™

RVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry, announced today the RVM Dashboard™.

Through an interactive and easy-to-use web-based platform, clients can access valuable metrics about their historic and active matters. The RVM Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of data volumes, culling rates, detailed breakdowns of extensions, export history, as well as a variety of other key visual representations of data for their matter.

RVM Dashboard in Browser

“The RVM Dashboard was developed to provide an easy to use, visually pleasing, and informative platform to communicate matter statistics. RVM’s clients have demanded rapid access to key trends and matter statistics, in near realtime, and at a moments notice. Being able to deliver on the promise of having the very best reporting and matter management tools is all part of the RVM advantage that our clients have grown to appreciate,” said Geoffrey Sherman, RVM’s Chief Technology Officer. “RVM places client satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities.”

The RVM Dashboard™ is a new proprietary product among RVM’s Corporate Enterprise Solutions service offerings, which encompass a broad range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the corporate buyer.

“I am very excited to add the RVM Dashboard to our already impressive catalog of services,” said Vinnie Brunetti, CEO of RVM Enterprises, Inc. “RVM continues to bring innovation to our clients’ doorsteps, in a continuous effort to better service their needs and interests. Transparency is the name of the game.”