RVM’s Remote Kits surge as Global Pandemic’s travel restrictions impacts law firms and corporations


The need to forensically collect data from cloud-based accounts (O365, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.) as well as cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices remotely has become a frequent requirement, but this week we have experienced a significant increase in requests due to the coronavirus outbreak.

RVM was one of the first to market with a kit to remotely collect data from mobile phones, tablets, portable GPS, or USB modems. Since launching, RVM have performed thousands of collections for our clients internationally.

“Our support and commitment to our clients remain a priority, especially in times of crisis,” said Vincent Brunetti, RVM’s CEO. “We are pleased to have a solution in place to adhere to their current circumstances.”

digital forensicsRVM uses its own proprietary kits to perform collections remotely. These kits give our clients the convenience to quickly, efficiently, and easily begin the collection process under RVM supervision in any location or in multiple locations at once. Once the kit has been used, the client sends it back to RVM to defensibly extract the data. At that point, we will either provide the data to the client or send it for further processing and hosting.

RVM’s remote collection process is performed by our forensic analysts experts using a self-contained mobile kit including necessary technology equipped with forensic collection capabilities.

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