RVM Exceeds Client Expectations with Secure Remote Review Offering

RVM Exceeds Client Expectations with Secure Remote Review Offering

As the world is continuing to adapt to the changes of a reduced and mostly Remote Workforce during the COVID-19 Pandemic, RVM swiftly moved its Review Services line to operate safely and securely in a remote fashion. Review Services traditionally have been offered onsite for security and performance purposes but with the technology and innovation at RVM we can say with confidence that we have safely overcome those barriers.

We recently presented our solution to several Am Law 100 Firms who indicated that “the remote review solution suite put in place at RVM is by far the most comprehensive we have seen to date”. A recognition not easily given and one that we are quite proud of.

A little bit about our journey to performing Remote Review. We began by surveying our review workforce to further gauge their computer skills, the type of home equipment they utilized, webcam capabilities, internet bandwidth, and even proactively obtained speed tests to ensure they were within the range expected to work effectively.

From an environment perspective RVM offers our engaged reviewers with a true end to end solution that is secure, intuitive, and performant.  RVM has deployed solutions which are enterprise-class featuring the very latest in Virtual Desktop Technology (VDI), Single Sign On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), as the baseline for our offering. This environment provides reviewers with a hardened image and handles the traditional threat vectors of website filtering, copy/paste, print, and external storage devices being blocked. Naturally this in itself is certainly highly secure and provides our clients with the comfort of knowing that their review is conducted with strong authentication methods, resistant to data mobility, and confirms that their data is loaded only within RVM’s environment while a review is conducted.

Here at RVM we recognize that despite this strong baseline level of security there are still further gaps that needed to be closed to take on the most stringent, highly confidential, review endeavors. As such RVM has deployed added technology that allows for advanced active monitoring of reviewers and their workstations while they are engaged in a review. When our reviewers start their day they are required to authenticate with facial and ID card recognition validating they were present when logging in and throughout their session. The technology used also offers the ability to detect objects such as cameras and smartphones within view of the user’s webcam, immediately notifying review managers of the event, and blacking out the sessions screen to prevent a successful capture. Other features utilized are able to detect an added person in close proximity, or that a user has stepped away from their session briefly, and much more.

In summary by closing the gap in risk, proactively ensuring our reviewers are properly prepared, and enabling the right security technology to work in harmony with review systems, RVM has eliminated the perceived limitations with Remote Review Services. This is yet another example of how RVM has and continues to differentiate in the commoditized Legal Technology market, solving the challenges of our current and prospective clients with accolades. 

Geoffrey Sherman

Geoffrey Sherman is the Chief Technology Officer at RVM Enterprises, Inc. His primary focus is the architecture, security, progression and maintenance of RVM’s corporate infrastructure. He manages a team of engineers and support administrators which serve RVM’s internal staff and external clients. Geoffrey has been instrumental in building out key lines of business including Professional Services, Online Hosted Review and Application Development. This internal experience has allowed for Geoffrey to consult for RVM’s clients on application design, information governance, litigation response and infrastructure planning.