See how RVM’s proprietary new innovation Zipline™ accelerates divestment transfers.

RVM Masters Divestment Email Migration:

See how RVM’s proprietary new innovation Zipline™ accelerates divestment transfers.

RVM partners closely with its corporate clients to maximize the value proposition it provides. In some instances that value is exhibited with more unique projects where we showcase our adaptability and experience with large volume data transformations. Most recently this involved a large divestiture where commercially available tools were simply not up for the challenge. The corporation didn’t have the internal resources or capacity and looked to RVM for suggestions. After careful analysis, the answer was to create a custom developed solution. The solution was purpose built to augment existing ediscovery technology and incorporate RVM’s operational professional services for the ultimate win.

The client’s business need was the separation of a divested entities’ emails so they may continue to operate post separation. Based on agreement some information would not advance to the divested organization, therefore a straight transfer was not possible. The migration involved culling and export of 1,500 mailboxes (nearly 18 TB of data) and delivering the resultant files respectively as an email container in a 6-8 week time-frame. Each email container was limited to an agreed size, spanned if exceeding and required the folder hierarchy to be preserved within.

Our approach involved a similar strategy to traditional ediscovery. The data from each custodians’ email file was ingested, detailed responsiveness reports were provided and final keyword terms were established. Leveraging RVM’s existing ecosystem of best in class reporting, including but not limited to detailed keyword frequency reports, a confident validation of terms was achieved. Following ingestion, the newly developed tool was introduced where it could show its strength to finish the process. Instead of exporting to a legal review platform, RVM’s newly developed proprietary tool, Zipline™, completed the export to email containers as intended. Zipline™ leverages the identifiers from the ediscovery software to directly and rapidly copy the required messages from the source email containers to the destination. This process was done using a multi-threaded and distributed worker farm with all monitoring and progress centralized. By the time the process was validated and optimized we observed throughput of 500 GB p/h which amounts to 12 TB daily. As a result of this new innovation, the export and conversion to email container was now the fastest overall component in the process. The team also took steps to folder and name each file programmatically so that automated scripting for ingestion could be utilized on the receiving party’s side.

Constant changes in the global economy often require organizations’ to divest business units or entities. The need to accelerate technology and deliver data on demand are key success factors. RVM has and continues to remain agile and focused in assisting our clients to meet new challenges in an ever changing world.