Our Services

RVM has been emphasizing efficiency and defensibility in its services for over 20 years

RVM is a provider of end-to-end eDiscovery services. What’s more, we’ve adapted our solutions and technology to meet numerous other business and legal challenges.

Digital Forensics

In digital forensics, the qualities in greatest demand are speed and the ability to collect from a wide array of media.

We excel at both.

eDiscovery Processing and Hosting

RVM continues to expand its data processing offerings, staying ahead of the curve by supporting more diverse data sources, larger volumes, and a wider range of client demands.

Managed Review and Staffing

Review is the most Important – and expensive – part of the eDiscovery process. RVM has learned to harness its review experts with the most efficient technology on the market to create workflows that get more information while using fewer precious resources.

media services

Media Services

Though people are quick to think of searching high-tech and digital sources of information for discovery, lower tech media can be some of the most complex to work with. Over its long history, RVM had the wisdom and foresight to never lose their grasp on media services while pursuing ways to work with newer data

Advanced Analytics & Predictive Coding

RVM’s eDiscovery strategic consulting and expertise on the design and implementation of analytic technologies is geared toward defensibility and cost savings.