Take Advantage of the Resources Available to You



This week’s Trainer Tip may seem obvious, or perhaps even a tiny bit self-serving coming from me but here goes:  As a responsible eDiscovery professional, I strongly urge you to take advantage of your company’s or your vendor’s training offerings!  Look, I get it.  You’re busy, you basically know what you’re doing, you can figure it out on your own time.  But hear me out. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture from IKEA and promptly crumpled the instructions thinking, “I’ve got this”, only to screw the shelves in upside down and crack the  delicate “wooden” veneer?

I’ve done it, and I think most attorneys and legal support staff consider themselves smart enough to figure most things out on their own.  This may well be true, but it can often mean you’ll end up using software and tools inefficiently or perhaps taking 3 steps, when you really only needed to take 1.  If I know my fellow attorneys well, I know we like to be as efficient as possible!  eDiscovery tools are built to be user-friendly and intuitive on a basic level.  They also usually offer a wide range of advanced functionality, short-cuts, and tricks which you are not likely to “figure out” on your own.  These tools are updated very frequently in small, often unnoticeable ways with features that can improve the end-user experience if only someone showed you.

Most firms and certainly the vendors that support them have dedicated resources for training and expertise when it comes to eDiscovery technology.  Even if you legitimately do not have time to attend a training session, there are often quick-start guides or other materials at your disposal which can enlighten and enhance your work product. Back to my IKEA example, I doubt you would treat your eDiscovery case like a cheap, albeit reasonably attractive piece of furniture and risk cracking it or making potential errors by winging it.  Take your trainer up on their offer next time.  You *probably will not regret it.

*Satisfaction guaranteed only on trainings conducted by Talia Page.