Legal Tech Solutions

Solving legal problems with technology is just part of what makes RVM special

At RVM, we are more than eDiscovery experts; we are problem solvers. Using our deep knowledge of technology and some out-of-the-box thinking, we have helped clients overcome all their obstacles.


In the technology world, we know that every product has its own strengths. That’s why we’ve maximized our own capabilities by learning multiple platforms for each area in order to leverage the strengths of each. Don’t just take our word for it. We have the certifications to back up our claim.

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No matter how many platforms and tools you learn to use, when working on the cutting edge of technology, at some point you find a problem that has no out-of-the-box solution. RVM is prepared for that by having its own in-house development team. We’ve leveraged their skills to create our own solutions to some of the problems that have most frustrated our clients.

RVM Tracer

RVM’s Tracer™ is a cost-effective solution to help companies determine what information employees take and leverage when leaving the organization, without the financial burden of a full forensic investigation.