Trainer Tips from Talia – A Brief Introduction

If I knew then what I know now, I would have…

  • started a strict anti-aging beauty regimen when I was in middle school
  • bought up that prime, yet hard-to-get-to real estate in Red Hook in the early 2000s
  • made definitive privilege decisions on my document collection during first level review

The list may go on and on. The point is, that we don’t always see the long-term costs or benefits of our actions in the present. Luckily for my readers, when it comes to eDiscovery Review and Workflow solutions, I’ve seen the full spectrum of scenarios play out before my eyes, and I’ve made a mental list of the dos and don’ts for the optimal Review experience.

My name is Talia Page, and I am the Training Specialist at RVM, responsible for all internal and external education initiatives at RVM. I am also a New York licensed attorney. Prior to joining RVM, I worked with both in-house and outside counsel on a number of large-scale eDiscovery projects. My goal is to provide eDiscovery counsel and litigation support teams with the insider knowledge they need to make insightful and proactive decisions to impact the efficiency and accuracy of their document review.

Please visit this blog regularly to avail yourself of my Training Tips and advice.

See you soon,